About me


This is me, top of a mountain, freezing wind blowing in my eyes and loving every second of it.

My passion for wildlife started with the 'Eye Spy Book of Birds' age seven. My passion for photography started at Lancaster University seeking to capture the views whilst walking in the Lake District.

Seven years ago photography became more than a hobby. I started running workshops on a small-scale, selling greetings cards and gained a contract to supply However, things had to change. I had been photographing Puffins on Shetland, in fact one of the images is on the home page. It was a stormy night and I woke up feeling very ill, I had quite a major infection and took a long time to recover.

After that experience I had to sort myself out so for the last three years photography has been replaced with swimming, mountain biking, walking and now running for least one hour a day. I have lost the equivalent of a large rugby player and am fitter than I have ever been. If you like that kind of thing you can even follow me on Strava.

I have now decided to return to photography, alongside my four day a week day job trying to improve the East Grampian Coast. However, now I will be tackling more projects that involve climbing mountains rather than taking pictures sitting in a car or a hide.

Working with me

I will be relaunching my greetings cards shortly with an expanding range. If you would like to become a stockist please get in touch. I can also supply high quality prints and am looking to explore other stationary.

I am an experienced speaker having given talks to many camera clubs, wildlife groups and audiences of over one hundred. 

I am also looking to work with estates, businesses and tour operators to provide workshops and experience day in the Tayside/Grampian Area. I can also offer one on one workshops and trips. I would particularly like to work with landowner who have beavers and would like to get some income from them.

Got any interesting wildlife, want photos??

Every once in a while, rare, shy wildlife forgets how it is supposed to behave and starts hanging out in someone's garden. If you have any interesting wildlife I am happy to share photos in return for access and information. So for example if you know of a friendly Scottish wildcat, a tame capercaillie or have a pine marten in a Tayside garden please, please, please get in touch.

Let's work together

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Email:                                       Phone: 01307850444

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